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To realize an ideal...

We’re fortunate to grow our grapes in a climate and on terroir that is nothing short of perfection. Our foothills are formed by volcanic ash, covered in alluvial flows and cobblestone-streaked layers of rich loam. The nearby San Pablo Bay regulates the cold in the winter and heat in the summer, creating moderate conditions that are impeccable for allowing grapes to mature slowly and ripen evenly.

To produce unmatched, world-class wine requires dedication and a willingness to persevere against formidable odds. It means understanding that your business is forever at the mercy of Mother Nature, who can at times be a hostile enemy, and at others, prove invaluable to the successful flourishing of your fruit.

Vines themselves are a lot like people. Their ancestry imparts the characteristics they’ll possess as they grow, and care must be taken so only the best of their traits survive. A vine bred in a nursery is nothing more than a baby—small and delicate—and needs tender love to mature into quality fruit. As vines age they ripen in welcomed complexity, growing better with each passing year, and the wine created from their berries reflects this natural progression toward perfection.

The finest wines require unending care, everlasting love, and finally, a profound passion for both the product and process. Sodaro Estate Winery was founded on the principle that from the gifts nature has imparted upon our vineyard, we can bestow the world with the very best wine. 

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